Luxury Spa Services

Check-in and stay – no need to travel to Palm Springs to have a great spa experience. After a relaxing soak in our hot mineral waters, enjoy a therapeutic massage in the privacy of your own poolside room here at our intimate six room boutique resort.

Please book your spa treatments in advance as availability may be limited on holidays and weekends.

Massage therapy using Cannabidiol (CBD) can enhance relief from muscle soreness, chronic pain, tension and stress. Here’s why. When CBD is incorporated into massage therapy, it binds on specific receptors found within the skin. This will activate the endocannabinoid system. Since CBD is non-psychoactive, you cannot get a high feeling. The bliss-like feeling is simply the result of total relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Gentle but firm massage that will leave you stress free and rejuvenated.

60 min / 135

Therapeutic Massage

No two bodies are alike and no one treatment fits them all. The therapist choreographs the massage to fit your body’s needs.

60 min / 160  — 90 min /  200

Couples Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage with that special someone or great friend by your side.

60 min / 250  — 90 min /  400

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to eliminate muscle tightness and pain in areas of your body, this massage uses deep strokes and pressure. This is an excellent treatment for bodies that have been over-exerted and need special attention to specific muscle groups.

60 min / 175  — 90 min / 220

DHS Inn Signature Massage

A massage just for you and your needs with a little extra help with the addition of CBD Oil. this massage is sure to relax you and leave you in a state of bliss.

60 min / 190  — 90 min / 240

Essential Soleil

This is one of the most complete and personalized facials that you can ever experience. Professional products with the finest organic blends are chosen according to skin type to exfoliate, massage and mask, resulting in skin that is balanced, youthful and radiant.

60 min / 130

Signature Hydration Facial

Our signature hydration facial is luxurious and highly concentrated with healing herbs and organic oils to nourish and enrich the skin. After a pure rejuvenating cleaning and exfoliation, you will be pampered with an organic eye treatment to detox and reduce puffiness, and a warm stone massage for the face, neck, shoulders, arms and back.

90 min / 150

Anti-Aging Facial

This facial will focus on the tightening and restoring of the skin while also reducing the prominence of wrinkles. Hydrating the skin leaving you with a youthful glow.

60 min / 130

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be incorporated into all our massage styles. Our signature oil blend has been lab tested and certified to contain 50mgs of CBD per ounce.

Desert Hot Springs Inn invites guests and travel aficionados to an exceptional and exclusive private vacation experience.

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