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Carbs – Do dogs really need them?


Some people say they’ve switched to grain-free diets because “dogs don’t need carbs.” While that’s true – both dogs and cats have no nutritional need for carbohydrates – the term ‘grain-free’ is not a statement for zero carbs. In fact, kibble based diets can contain plenty of carbohydrates in the form of vegetables like white […]

Passion, Dogs, and Food

I love a good story and this one is right up my alley: Passion, dogs and food! Bravo to Marie Moody — dog lover and entrepreneur extraordinaire!   Taken from the website of Stella & Chewy’s: Stella & Chewy’s has been a labor of love since its inception… It all began in 1998 when I […]

War On Cancer Part IV — Cancer Prevention Game Plan for You and Your Dog!

In part lll of this series, you learned that all cancer cells were once normal body cells until a compromised oxygen supply damaged the cells’ ability to produce energy — forcing it to switch metabolic gears in an effort to survive. Normally, when cells become damaged beyond repair, an automatic programmed cell death mechanism called […]