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Cedar oil kills bugs dead – new safe pesticide for people and pets

Pet owners concerned about exposing the family fur to chemical warfare commonly ask if there is a safe alternative to protect pets against flea and tick infestations. I have always relied on Fleabusters powdered solution to rid the home of fleas. While you can purchase the product and do-it-yourself, proper application is critical for success. […]

Planet and Pet Friendly Bug Killers That Work!

Boric acid is nature’s "secret ingredient," used in many commercial treatments for insect control. This magical white powder is mined from the Mojave Desert in California and has a proven track record in eliminating cockroaches, palmetto bugs, water bugs, ants, silverfish, and termites. Boric acid (100%) powder is odorless and non-staining. Also used in a […]

Natural Remedies For Fleas And Other Pests

In the house, fleas can be safety eliminated with a tried and tested diatomaceous earth product made by Fleabusters. This flea powder is applied to all carpeted areas and furniture. Kills fleas physically rather than chemically and is completely safe for pets and children. The company will treat your house and offers a full one […]