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War On Cancer Part IV — Cancer Prevention Game Plan for You and Your Dog!

In part lll of this series, you learned that all cancer cells were once normal body cells until a compromised oxygen supply damaged the cells’ ability to produce energy — forcing it to switch metabolic gears in an effort to survive. Normally, when cells become damaged beyond repair, an automatic programmed cell death mechanism called […]

My Declaration of War on Cancer

Six months ago, after I finished a one year project to write the 30 Minute Vet Consult series, I began my next all out research project—to develop an anti-cancer game plan. In fact, as I dug in hard to study the best published research from around the world, it’s now become a full fledged mission. […]

Part II: Natural Weapons Against Cancer

Part 1 of this article introduced the importance of disease prevention and how to promote better health. This discussion continues with the emphasis on how you can assist the body’s natural healing power. We can empower our army of immune fighting soldiers—both in terms of stronger prevention tactics and a stronger battle plan to attack […]

Part I: The Ultimate Cure for Cancer Is…

Simply prevention. Everywhere you look these days, we hear news about this or that vitamin, mineral, vegetable, herb, plant from the rainforest, or exotic fruit reported to “cure” or protect us from cancer—but the fact of the matter is really just this: Our immune system (when working properly) has the natural ability to find and […]