Support Dog Rescue

We promote dog adoption, lending our full support to well deserving non-profit dog rescue organizations. Each month we award gift certificates ($179 value) to local rescue groups in Orange County and Los Angeles. These gift certificates can be used to raise money as raffle prizes and silent auctions.

Furthermore, we invite you to join the Ruff-olution by outfitting your dog’s collar with a WagAware Charm. 50% of profits donated to rescue organizations around the country. Plus, we will reward our guests with $10 off your stay – each and every time you visit! Our three dog limit could save you $30 off your stay over and over again. Just be sure your dog is proudly wearing the charm when you check in.

When you come to the aid of an unwanted dog dumped at a shelter or running the streets, like I have, it becomes a mission to save as many as you can. Brad Pit and Black Beauty (aka BB Cole), once abandoned street dogs, found their forever homes. We want that opportunity for every dog.

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