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US Army Soldier Suffers Under Denver’s Breed Ban Regime — Read Her Passionate Plea For Change


After four years of pounding Denver with every logical argument and reliable statistic explaining why breed bans are bad public policy and purely discriminatory, the ground is starting to shake. The biggest shock wave has emanated from the civil lawsuit brought against the city three years ago — a growing financial burden to the city […]

Mercury Insurance Signs Death Warrant on Family Dog

Breed discriminatory laws are sweeping our country and Denver, CO is only one hot spot. Other cities in the states of Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas (to name a few) have adopted similar legislation. Insurance companies have jumped on this breed bandwagon — placing restrictions on homeowners or refusing to provide coverage if certain breeds of […]

Hello Denver, CO… Here I come!

Writers need time to write. Sometimes we steal time—paying bills late, not returning phone calls, and turning down dinner invites — because an inner voice is louder. At times, the voice is so loud nothing else seems as important as it once was. Again, I have to hit the pause button on life because the […]

Shame On Verizon Wireless!

Sometimes you just have to put your mighty to-do list on hold and stop and smell the poo-poo. For the last week or so, I have smelled a nasty Verizon Wireless TV ad that has outraged many of us who understand the serious consequences of negative breed stereotyping. Can you guess the breed of dog […]