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Doggie Alzheimer’s – Part Two

The pharmaceutical drug Anipryl (or generic selegiline) works to alter specific brain neurotransmitters. A standard treatment for Parkinson’s disease in people, it’s also been found to improve symptoms for some dogs with cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS). It’s estimated that 75% of treated dogs will show improvement in at least one clinical symptom within two months […]

Dogs Can Lose Golden Years – Alzheimer’s explained – Part One

Senility, or old dog syndrome, was once a familiar way to describe the family dog that was starting to resemble an elderly grandparent’s strange lapse of memory and bouts of curious behavior. In recent years, the odd forgetfulness plaguing our aging senior population is being followed with an alarming question – could this be Alzheimer’s […]

Cannabis – Pot for Pets?


No matter which side of the fence you plant your opinion, this medicinal weed is creeping into the lives of desperate pet owners everywhere, regardless of what state they live in. Since our companion pets (dogs and cats) have the same natural cannabinoid receptors as us humans, they too can reap the same therapeutic benefits. […]

Ouch! All natural pain relief for osteoarthritis – Part 4

The human and veterinary marketplace is littered with hundreds, if not thousands, of joint heath products. Without doing your due diligence, consumers become an easy target for deceptive ad campaigns and poor quality products. And worse, the pain remains, causing people and pets to suffer needlessly. So, when a recognized key ingredient like glucosamine is […]