Part II: Natural Weapons Against Cancer

Part 1 of this article introduced the importance of disease prevention and how to promote better health. This discussion continues with the emphasis on how you can assist the body’s natural healing power. We can empower our army of immune fighting soldiers—both in terms of stronger prevention tactics and a stronger battle plan to attack […]

Part I: The Ultimate Cure for Cancer Is…

Simply prevention. Everywhere you look these days, we hear news about this or that vitamin, mineral, vegetable, herb, plant from the rainforest, or exotic fruit reported to “cure” or protect us from cancer—but the fact of the matter is really just this: Our immune system (when working properly) has the natural ability to find and […]

New Year, New Promise

The calendar says it’s a New Year and has filled this month ocean-deep with promises. And even if you did not resolve to exercise more, eat better foods, or save more for the golden years, then surely January 1st was a day for some quiet reflection—hopefully without a hangover! For me, I welcomed the opportunity […]

Humans infected by BSL virus prove deadly to dogs

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) has infected the minds of legislators and insurance companies all across our country. This deadly dog virus targets lazy lawmakers and greedy insurance companies. Protect your dog against policy makers showing these fatal symptoms: Copycat behavior following cities already infected with BSL Irrational fear of dogs who look like other dogs […]

Why This Vet Feeds People Food to Her Dogs

Once upon a time, I was your average dog owner. I felt guilty when I spoiled my dog with “people food”. This concept was reinforced during my veterinary training, with terms like table food gastroenteritis. Oh, the horror of clients feeding table scrapes to their dogs! After the reprimand, instructions to feed only commercial dog […]

Fed Up with Homemade Diet Debates

Yes, I must admit I was seduced by the title of the article in a popular veterinary magazine and rushed to read it: Homemade Diets—Advice for your Clients.* WOW (I am thinking as I flip to the numbered page) my profession is finally getting it. Vets are getting the green light to instruct clients on […]