Cannabis – Pot for Pets?


No matter which side of the fence you plant your opinion, this medicinal weed is creeping into the lives of desperate pet owners everywhere, regardless of what state they live in. Since our companion pets (dogs and cats) have the same natural cannabinoid receptors as us humans, they too can reap the same therapeutic benefits. […]

Ouch! All natural pain relief for osteoarthritis – Part 4

The human and veterinary marketplace is littered with hundreds, if not thousands, of joint heath products. Without doing your due diligence, consumers become an easy target for deceptive ad campaigns and poor quality products. And worse, the pain remains, causing people and pets to suffer needlessly. So, when a recognized key ingredient like glucosamine is […]

Cedar oil kills bugs dead – new safe pesticide for people and pets

Pet owners concerned about exposing the family fur to chemical warfare commonly ask if there is a safe alternative to protect pets against flea and tick infestations. I have always relied on Fleabusters powdered solution to rid the home of fleas. While you can purchase the product and do-it-yourself, proper application is critical for success. […]

Rethinking Dog Breeds – Why Mutts Are The Better Choice!

The ancestry of the two dogs snoozing on my couch will forever remain a mystery and that’s more than okay with me. From head to tail, they are a guesswork topic of lively conversation and intrigue. Mutts stand out as a unique one-of-a-kind masterpiece – ever see two look-alike mixed breeds? Whether you nab a […]

The vaccine debate ended in 2006 – Don’t let fear tactics by a vaccine junkie shoot your dog!


The next time you find that familiar vaccine reminder postcard in your mailbox warning you about soon to be expired vaccines …STOP! While I strongly advocate yearly physical check-ups, don’t give your vet carte blanche to update vaccine protocols that may be outdated. Rising concerns about how often dogs and cats should be vaccinated, safety […]

Purina’s Recipe Trades Sick Dogs for Higher Profits


Buy any brand of pet food sold in the U.S.A. and the package will read: “meets AAFCO nutritional standards for a complete and balanced diet.” This stamp of approval is based on two nutrient profiles: 1) adult maintenance; 2) growth and reproduction (puppies and pregnant or lactating females). However, manufacturers are permitted to market dog […]