How to Get Expert Veterinary Advice Online

Busy vets can quickly access the most up to date medical research and get expert help with challenging cases by joining VIN (Veterinary Information Network). For a reasonable monthly fee of only $55, your vet can access this extensive online database and stay up to date with new diagnostic tests and treatments. Vets can also submit specific questions to specialists in the fields of dermatology, internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, neurology and more. If your vet is plugged into this valuable resource, feel confident that your pet has the clout of a team of medical experts. This information timesaver has been a lifesaver for dogs, cats and horses.

And for those of you who surf the internet, watch out for cyberspace know-it-alls! Don’t take advice from any hyped up internet sales force pushing products promising to cure your dog’s itchy skin, goopy eyes, bad breath, and so on. Aside from wasting time and money, your pet could suffer from not getting proper treatment. Looking for alternative treatments is fine as long as you first know specifically WHAT problem you are attempting to treat. Getting the proper diagnosis is essential. And sometimes that means consulting with a specialist or getting a second opinion.

The next time you get the urge to surf the web, start with Veterinary Partners (brainchild spin-off of VIN) — a database that has compiled a vast amount of reliable information by veterinarians in their chosen fields of expertise. And you can search this public database for free!

As an example of what you will find, select Dog (as the species you want information on) and type ‘demodex mites’ into the search box. In a matter of seconds, you will see an image of what the mites look like, find out how the diagnosis is made, and know what treatment options are available.

The Web is the largest library in the world, a truly fantastic resource if you know how to use it. Let Veterinary Partners be your first source for web based pet health information:

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